Bamboo Skewer Holder with 'Rotation Lock'

Easy Yakitori Bamboo Skewer Holder Standard

Designed to make grilling with bamboo skewers easy

Outdoor Grilling

Open fires or Japanese style BBQ hibachi, shichirin grills use wire mesh to separate the food and skewers from the fire during cooking. This causes the food to stick or the skewers to burn from the heat of the fire and wire mesh.  


By raising the skewers off the wire mesh, the airflow around the food is increased and the charcoal flavour can encompass the food.  This also reduces the chance of the bamboo skewers from burning.  For consistent cooking, the food can be manually rotated using the skewers to any rotational angle utilising the ‘Rotation Lock’ feature.

This high quality designed skewer holder attaches to any suitable sized wire mesh.  The angle of the slots is adjusted before placing the wire mesh over the heat source.  The bamboo skewers are lowered into the slots of the holder and are held in place for grilling.  The skewers can be rotated easily within the slots.  The skewers can then be lifted out once the grilling is complete.

Please take a look at our gallery of the bamboo skewer holder in action!

Bamboo Skewer Holder Features

Two Sizes

Standard vs. Mini

Adjustable Height

Height to the grill can be adjusted (7 positions)

Adjustable Angle

Angle to the grill can be adjusted

Exclusive 'Rotation Lock' Design

Prevents the skewers from rotating
(excludes metal skewers)

Easy Clean Up

Skewers holder can be disassembled
for easy clean up

Made in Japan

Designed and manufactured
in Japan